8 highly useful Web Typography Frameworks and Libraries


8 highly useful Web Typography Frameworks and Libraries

Typography is not putting simple words on the web pages but modern web designing requires more. Now typography should fit the user's screen as desired and match the design style.

Great typography tools can assist the designers in creating the attractive websites. These are some amazing tools which will surely help you.


1- Font-to-width:

Is fitting the font with accurate spacing become a headache for you? Now it’s not anymore!

This tool designs the font to fit in particular size. For headings or headlines, this JavaScript is best for you. The font size and letter spacing are identified by it and it works according to your exact need.


2- Typewolf:

It is called the inspiration for modern web designers. It is an outline design showcase which identifies the text designs. It is best for the motivation which is a blessing for the web designers to innovate and get new ideas.


3- Js:

It darkens or overshadows the text then gradually reveals it. At first, the viewer cannot recognizes the text but animated sequence then makes it clear and obvious.

It can be used for a number of purposes but is awesome for the scramble games.


4- Auto-text-rotating:

As the name shows it rotates the text or HTML in multiple ways. But it’s not ordinary, you can change the word in the lines as desired. Whether the words are single or in the group you can easily customize. There are various animation effects available you can replace the text with.

Loaded with AMD module, it also has five animation support functions.


5- Font Friend:

Font friend is a typography checker which can be used with almost all types of browsers.

It checks the text styles without any change or modification in the coding. It is a perfect tool for the web designers which help in making the typography perfect. 


6- UnderlineJS:

Bringing great help to the developers, Underline.js is a JavaScript which pushes the traditional boundaries of web typography. It is a pixel-perfect tool which underlines perfectly each type of text. You can check the demo, compare and contrast it with text décor standard.


7- GridLover:

Through this gridlover you can generate styles in LESS, SCSS and Stylus. For creating the basic styles of typography, this tool is incredible. When it comes to its features, gridlover comes with margin, line size and height with a simple slider.


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