Dominant Web Development Trends Of 2018


Dominant Web Development Trends Of 2018

Digital trends are in constant change that almost every time it is hard to keep the pace with. Those businesses remain behind in current trends adoption will be left in the end rows that is why seeking and applying the latest trends is far better than waiting for the latest trends to be present commonly in market then implement. Therefore peruse the change and ride on it before they are common.

In this blog, you will get the idea of ‘trendy trends’ of 2018 that are going to impact the sphere of web development.


Websites With Push Notifications: 

Push notification has been the popular tool for the mobile user engagement for the past few years but the inclusion of this feature in the websites is changing the direction to more user engagement and of course improved the user experience. It permits the notifications such as a message or a post to be seen by the user even when it is closed and can be redirected to that site instantly by clicking on that.


One Page Website:

Single page website is creating deep foot-marks in 2018 as they are cheap and easy to use. All the content of a company is presented on a single page allows the user to reach the particular content by scrolling or by clicking on the links. It deters the visitors to stuck or lost in pages of a website, making  accessible for them to relevant information in short time.

Companies can also organize the content in accordance with the preferred information to be provided. This trend will accent the users for seamless navigation and conversions.


An Era of Static Website is Returning Back:

Static websites belong to the inception period of the websites which were simply coded on HTML and gave a dull and less interactive appearance. But in 2018, the trend of a static website is back and with the improvement backed by static site generators.

Faster in loading, cheaper in development, and safer in security are the major factors behind its resurgence.


Better Online Support:

As the era is becoming more and more digital, companies are striving to humanize their relationships with the customers. Instant reply to the customer’s query imparts the impression that your business is credible and provides information round the clock. An active and dedicated customer support team or a chatbot can fulfil this requirement. A chatbot is quite a cheap option and efficient too.


The Motion User Interface: 

Motion user UI is stunning for both web design and aids alert users to action. In minimal websites, nice backgrounds, animated charts and others will help users to interact and attain their focus on the website, better than GIFs or flashing ads.

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