What is more crucial in Web Development, Strategy or Design?


What is more crucial in Web Development, Strategy or Design?
This question has been the point of conflict between web designers and web strategist for many years and still unresolved! Well, design and strategy both hold the imperative position in the development of a website that functions optimally from each aspect.  


1- It defines the brand’s identity:

The design is the visual face of your website. The design is the first element your target audience comes across when visiting your website. A website that is nicely designed and fulfills the requirements of the business imparts a positive impression on your visitors. The logo is a trademark of your business and the professional designs of the business stationery or websites build the identity of a business. This unique identity makes it distinct from the others and reflects what the business is all about.

2- Represent the values:

Whether a business is small or established, it has its own values, visions, goals and promises. The professional and custom design of a website represent these values to its customers and prospects in the form of attractive designs. When a website is poorly designed, it fails to catch the focus of audience and results in conveying the message ineffectively. Therefore, it is important to create a great interaction with the audience at the first step through an elegantly designed website.  


1- Takes the site at high ranking:

Now come towards the strategies. Can the design meet the business objectives solely or some strategic methods are needed too? The strategy is important to bring the website at the tangible position on SERPs, where the visitors can view it and click the link. The next point of interaction is the website where a captivating design keeps the customer engaged and trigger them for the transaction. Strategies are customized for each website which makes it easy for the customers to get a unique and distinct user experience.

2- Enhance the visibility:

In a crowded digital market, it becomes crucial to adopt such strategies that keep the website visible on various platforms. Search engine optimization techniques, content strategies and other marketing approaches help in increasing the visibility of the website to millions of the audience. You cannot underestimate the power of an optimal strategic plan for web development because it the only way to pave the path for more traffic to the website.

3- For promotional campaigns:

Advertisements and promotional campaigns let your audience discover your brand. Social media provides an excellent opportunity to interact with the audience from any region of the world. Just posting the promotional content on social media sites is not sufficient, an insightful plan or a brilliant strategy is also required to make the campaign successful. Researching the audience, market and competitors is included in the strategy of every business that aids in paving the path for the business to success.   PsdConverters provides eminent services of PSD and sketch files conversion to Wordpress, HTML, Joomla, Magento, and other platforms. Considering the requirements, the professionals deliver the websites that have professional and attractive designs with customized and highly interactive features.