5 Major Programming Languages for Web Development


5 Major Programming Languages for Web Development

Programming languages are used to develop a fully functional, dynamic and unique website. To deal with every aspect of the website, these languages take care of design, layouts, formats, content, security and other elements. With the presence of many languages, a developer should address various factors in order to choose the most relevant language. The targeted platform, match of the domain name, efficiency, flexibility, performance, time consumption and accessibility to tools are the common but imperative factors to evaluate.

We cannot say that a specific industry is blooming digitally but today, every business demands a website that helps its business to grow. Technological advancements have now taken the world and these high-tech tools are making the venture of the developers easy but on the other hand, competitive environment constantly put pressure for creating different but highly noticeable websites or applications.



This language is old but classy and popularly used today. Developed in 1990’s, it is considered as the standard language for the developers of all around the world. The compatibility and flexibility with several types of platforms have made it in-demand for all the ages.

It is object-oriented and simple language. The dynamic, secure, and robust features have made it versatile and high-performance programming language.



The major advantage of this language is that it is supported by nearly all the browsers without any plugin or additional installation. It can also work well with non-web based platforms and provide the similar high performance. Its dynamic nature has made it easy to learn and write.

JavaScript can code the website, edit the content that is needed to be displayed and allow client-side scripting to communicate with the users more effectively.



Python may not be as popular as java or javascript but many famous applications are python based as Pinterest, Instagram and others. It can be coded without any compiler and it can support the code readability. Other chief features of this language are dynamic type system, large library, automatic memory management and multiple paradigms.



CSS and HTML work together to give the web page its defined structure. It is a markup language that allows the display of the web page in an intended manner. CSS has control over the layout, font size, font style, colour, and other design elements. This language can be applied to several documents like XML, XUL or SVG.



This server-side scripting language has been widely used by many popular platforms like yahoo, Facebook, Digg and a lot of others. It is an open source scripting language that can work great with different operating systems as Windows and others. It can develop the dynamic pages quickly and that is why it’s the popular choice of developers.


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