10 Popular Google fonts


10 Popular Google fonts

Imagine that if limited numbers of fonts were available then how unexcited the typography were. Hundreds of fonts and thousands of styles has create pretty good stock for the designers and developers to add taste in the web design. Google is providing innumerable fonts for free which are open for customisation and further modifications and improvements. You can use them for individual use or commercial use both.

Moreover you can make the fonts better through collaboration with the font designer and developer. So the web designers have got great choices to bring a unique, innovative, interesting and appealing websites.

In this blog, the top 10 most used and most popular fonts have been compiled so lets dig in and check them out. 


1- PT Serif:

This font has incepted in Russia and comprises of many families. The first family was released in 2009. The chief benefit of this font is its easy use with the PT Sans and is balanced according to weight, design, metrics and proportions.


Open Sans:

The font has great character for easy readability. The nature of this font is stressed and neutral but it is friendly too. Due to its great legibility, its been optimised to work best for web, print and mobiles.


Source Sans Pro:

It is the first font designed and released by Adobe. This historic font has good readability and nice letter and character spacing. There are many fonts in source pro to choose from so the designers have got more options with this font.


Sans Serif:

It is the biggest and the most famous name in the fonts family. Its legibility has made it popular among other fonts. It can be read well in small sizes that is why good for the body text also. It matches with the modish and minimal designs and its versatile use has made it as the massively used fonts because 65% of the people are already using this font.



When we talk about the start of new era for dialog, buttons and menu, Ubuntu comes first. It uses open type attributes that makes clear and friendly font for desktop and mobiles.



It mostly used for headlines but can be used for body text too. Available in the dots version but use this font according to the requirements as it may not fit to some minimal web designs.



Thought of mozzarella and pizza after reading this name? Well is best for adding pizza flavour in your headings and body text as it has urban style.



Emerging from the serif, this font has four basic styles which has made it almost self sufficient in usage. With lora font downloaded, you do not need any other font.

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