5 Easy Tips to improve your PSD File


5 Easy Tips to improve your PSD File

Converting a PSD file into a full-fledged and functional website requires many factors to be considered.

Minor mistakes can make you re-do the whole task which makes the process time consuming and problematic for both the developer and the client.

Taking brilliant tips for PSD file conversion is not a hard thing to do!

Now you are going to read the useful tips and advice in this blog which will surely make your work easier.


1- Content flexibility matters:

Text, images and visual elements are a vital part of the website. A good performing website should have the flexibility to easily manage the added content.

The current design trends depict the use of more design and less content (Text). In some cases, your design with less or no area for content can work but not always.

So make your website design adjustable and adaptable to the specific text or any other content type.


2- Do not go for blending modes:

Modes in different software do not give the same and smooth results when converted to a website.

For example, blending modes in Photoshop create great effects but are not practical for HTML or CSS.

These modes are better for preview but when it comes to the website, it is crucial to avoid blending modes as unnecessary and undesired results could be obtained.


3- Look for rendering difference in fonts:

A good and enticing design must meet all the demands of a website. Attractive visuals are extremely important in grabbing the attention of the visitors.

But what if your design is not suitable for the written content?

Modern fonts are usually rendered differently on the browser and operating systems. Letter spacing in Photoshop will look perfect but when you apply on the Chrome or other browser, letters will not perfectly fit in the display.

Therefore it is suggested to check the fonts on different browsers before using in your website design.


4- Elements should always be on the grid:

For a balanced look and feel, a perfect alignment of all the elements is required. Grids help in keeping all the elements in place and determine the shape and complete look of the website.

During web design, make sure that all the elements are in grids either explicit or implicit.


5- Consistency in design:

Save your time by developing consistent design of the common elements like header, footers, buttons and others.

Moreover, the unequal sizes do not impact the feeling of perfection in the website design so consider the same border, size, height etc.

PSD file conversions may become hectic sometimes but smart tips and comprehensive information make the work easier and completed in less time.


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