Way to fix 500 Internal Server Error


Way to fix 500 Internal Server Error

With the ease of use and thousands of extensions and themes, WordPress has become the most popularly used CMS for developing the websites. While running your website you may come across an error called as 500 internal server error.

Other errors indicate the specific error type but the problem with 500 internal server error is that you do not know what exactly is wrong. As it cannot be identified instantly so in this blog, we discuss some common problems that may lead to this error. 

Check for the cause of the problem and you can resolve it easily.


Probably your PHP memory limit is running out:

If there is no space for adding a new image of uploading a file, your PHP memory might not have enough space. You may face login problem or no uploading of files then its pressing time to increase the limit of the memory. You can go for the temporary solutions but the actual problem is still to unveil. 

Contact your web hosting provider to know the root cause.


Maybe the real problem is your corrupt .htaccess file:

When everything has been checked and still no diagnosis of your problem, then in this case check for your .htacces file. There may be a coding error in this file which hinders the access of the file.

A tip to check the corrupt file is to rename it and log in to your account. This trick may be useful to you.


Might be your plugin is the troublemaker:

For adding the features plugins are necessary. The websites have several features and these are due to the few from thousands of plugins offered by the CMS.

A specific plugin might be the reason for your 500 internal server error. To find real cause deactivate all the plugins and reactivate them one by one. In this way, you will get to know the real trouble making plugin.

Complain the plugin author or the company which provides the defected plugin.


There may be something with the wrong upgradation:

If there is upgradation to a newer version, maybe that fails or needs a refreshing. There might be some problem which comes during the installation process.

Incompatibility issues of themes and plugins with upgraded software might be the real culprit. The initial action you should take is to deactivate all the plugins one by one until the problem goes away.


Go to the support sites for permanent problem resolve:

WordPress is supported by a large community of developers and this community can provide you with the best solution to your problem.

For more specific diagnosis, observe what goes wrong or what changes since the last time your software runs correctly.


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