2018 top E-commerce Website Trends


2018 top E-commerce Website Trends
E-commerce business is booming with the launching of new online businesses. It is hard to catch the pace in the competitive environment but what is most necessary is make the website intuitive and captivating with the addition of right features. In 2021, the e-commerce business is expected to surpass $4.2 trillion, according to Statista report. What is the use of a great website when people are not interested in your products? Make your offerings look attractive and worthy to purchase and represent them in a way that motivates the customer to purchase.  

The new Augmented Reality:

Imagine you like a vase from an online shop and are able to test it before purchase, how will you feel about this amazing experience? Well, it is going to be a common reality very soon! Many big names like Apple are investing on the ARKits. Experts said that more than 50% of the customers would purchase and become loyal to the brands which included the option of AR to their online stores.  

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain:

You can now see the prevailing use of the blockchains and cryptocurrency by many businesses. Shopify, Etsy, Microsoft are supporting and accepting the bitcoins. While the others like Alibaba and Amazon are trying to check its usage. With advanced security and instant payment, cryptocurrency will dominate the e-commerce business in near future.  

Voice-activated searches:

Voice search is not the latest trend, many people are already using voice assistants like Google’s Home, Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. The user can give commands to these smart assistants and this technology is going to be adopted by the e-commerce businesses. The customer expectations and behaviour are the pushers for brands to adopt new strategies and trends in their businesses and soon the voice search will conquer the e-commerce industry.  

Simplicity in design with sticky navigation:

A single page website where the user just needs to scroll down and get all the information is a new style in web designing. To make the user experience smooth, sticky navigational bars are required. In 2018, more focus will be given to keep the audience engaged with the products and the best way is sticky navigational menus. These allow the user to jump to any page through the menu wherever they are on the website.  

No stock photos:

No stock photos, please! Images are a way to communicate with the visitors in a style that is specific to your brand. It is better to shoot on your own. Use high-quality images and add them to your website for better results. As a business owner, you already know that the growth depends on different factors. The important is, which trend is to adopt and which to avoid. Not each hot trend in the market can tailor with your business so choose the options wisely! Psdconverters are passionate web designers and developers in Dubai. The professionals have experience and expertise in converting PSD files to stunning websites on WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other popular platforms.