Boost the speed of WordPress site: A Guide to useful WP Super Cache

Is the website you intend to open takes more time? Ok, so you have tried more than once and still slow loading time? We face this issue many times while browsing on the internet and when finding these sort of lazy websites, we do not turn back to them? Right? The above mentioned could happen […]

6 Amazing and free WordPress Backup Solutions

In case of emergency, you may need the complete website backup. For getting the information about 6 most incredible and free WordPress backup solutions, here you have the benefits and features discussed in this blog.   Duplicator:                        This backup plugin has good reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Its automated backups made it easy and simple […]

How to earn extra money from WordPress Gutenberg Editor

What if you get a chance of adding more cash to your monthly income as a web designer? You will certainly be cheerful and happy. The good news is you can do it by adding little extra efforts. In this blog, amazing ways are discussed for using Gutenberg as the source of extra money!   […]

What are the incredible features of WordPress 4.9?

Released in 2017, it’s improvements in features and functionality ensure easy use, better control and efficient editing for the developers. The amazing features of the WordPress 4.9 help reducing the workload and make the coding, editing and publishing simpler and quicker.   Gallery widgets: This feature is in continuation of WordPress 4.8. Widgets were introduced […]

Top WordPress Plugins that enhance Lead Generation

There are innumerable official and unofficial plugins offered by the WordPress that has made it a popular platform for creating websites and blogs. Using the plugins that resonate with your requirement paves a path for traffic growth and sales increment. The ultimate goal of each business is to drive more and more traffic and it […]

5 benefits of creating WordPress website

Do you know that most of the websites are created using the popular platform that is called as ‘WordPress’? Developed and released in 2003, WordPress has now become the most used platform for website and blogging site development and management. Many popular brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, Time Magazine and more are using WordPress […]