10 Popular Google fonts

Imagine that if limited numbers of fonts were available then how unexcited the typography were. Hundreds of fonts and thousands of styles has create pretty good stock for the designers and developers to add taste in the web design. Google is providing innumerable fonts for free which are open for customisation and further modifications and […]

8 highly useful Web Typography Frameworks and Libraries

Typography is not putting simple words on the web pages but modern web designing requires more. Now typography should fit the user’s screen as desired and match the design style. Great typography tools can assist the designers in creating the attractive websites. These are some amazing tools which will surely help you.   1- Font-to-width: […]

Create an attractive Website with easy-to-use JQuery Plugins

An efficient and appealing website design is all that is required for a good user experience. For developing a website various Java and other programing language play an important role in providing the desired user interface and better user experience. JQuery is a lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript Library which hit the market with the motto […]

Way to fix 500 Internal Server Error

With the ease of use and thousands of extensions and themes, WordPress has become the most popularly used CMS for developing the websites. While running your website you may come across an error called as 500 internal server error. Other errors indicate the specific error type but the problem with 500 internal server error is […]

What are the incredible features of WordPress 4.9?

Released in 2017, it’s improvements in features and functionality ensure easy use, better control and efficient editing for the developers. The amazing features of the WordPress 4.9 help reducing the workload and make the coding, editing and publishing simpler and quicker.   Gallery widgets: This feature is in continuation of WordPress 4.8. Widgets were introduced […]

5 Easy Tips to improve your PSD File

Converting a PSD file into a full-fledged and functional website requires many factors to be considered. Minor mistakes can make you re-do the whole task which makes the process time consuming and problematic for both the developer and the client. Taking brilliant tips for PSD file conversion is not a hard thing to do! Now […]

5 Major Programming Languages for Web Development

Programming languages are used to develop a fully functional, dynamic and unique website. To deal with every aspect of the website, these languages take care of design, layouts, formats, content, security and other elements. With the presence of many languages, a developer should address various factors in order to choose the most relevant language. The […]

2018 top E-commerce Website Trends

E-commerce business is booming with the launching of new online businesses. It is hard to catch the pace in the competitive environment but what is most necessary is make the website intuitive and captivating with the addition of right features. In 2021, the e-commerce business is expected to surpass $4.2 trillion, according to Statista report. […]

Ways to improve Digital Customer Experience

In this digital era, more and more businesses are turning to provide a better experience to the customers and many brands are still striving to connect with the customers effectively using different approaches. This challenge is pushing the brands to discover new ways for improving the previous tactics to attract more traffic as 86% of […]