What is more crucial in Web Development, Strategy or Design?

This question has been the point of conflict between web designers and web strategist for many years and still unresolved! Well, design and strategy both hold the imperative position in the development of a website that functions optimally from each aspect.   Design: 1- It defines the brand’s identity: The design is the visual face […]

5 benefits of creating WordPress website

Do you know that most of the websites are created using the popular platform that is called as ‘WordPress’? Developed and released in 2003, WordPress has now become the most used platform for website and blogging site development and management. Many popular brands like Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, Time Magazine and more are using WordPress […]

Dominant Web Development Trends Of 2018

Digital trends are in constant change that almost every time it is hard to keep the pace with. Those businesses remain behind in current trends adoption will be left in the end rows that is why seeking and applying the latest trends is far better than waiting for the latest trends to be present commonly […]